About Us

Here at Urban Life, we are expert leaders in residential real estate, providing homes for residents and achieving outstanding results for investors, both on a fractional and PRS institutional basis with outstanding yields and returns.

With more UK people predicted to rent rather than own their homes by 2035, it’s a sector destined to grow to become central to both the British population and to serious property investors across the globe.

Over 25 Years In The Industry

Impressive Property Portfolio

Our Process

We are involved in the complete development cycle of all our projects. From the design stages, right through to the build & completion.

We have over 25 years of knowledge in the industry with a genuine passion for property. Our experience is what helps us identify the perfect sites, ensure the planning process runs smoothly & maximise profit from every project.

We start by taking sites from the conceptual design stage, through to value engineered detailed design.
We apply planning applications after taking in considerations for local guidelines & secure approval for development.
We prepare the site & build, obtaining certification at key stages throughout. This can last anywhere between 6 - 24 months.
Upon completion of our projects, the properties are either leased or sold.




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